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Under the watchful eye of owner David A. Novak the technicians at Chain O' Lakes Dental Lab take pride in fabricating the highest caliber of dental restorations.

"Thank you for placing your patients smiles into our hands."

We are Chain O' Lakes Dental Laboratory a full service Lab dedicated to pleasing Dental Professionals like yourselves. Founded in 1969 and reimagined in 2001 to a digital/analog Dental Lab. Our staff of highly trained and skilled technicians craft outstanding Dental Prosthetics day in and day out. We are Committed to providing our Dental clients with consistent, precise, cost effective restorations on a timely basis. We understand that operating a successful dental practice comes with its daily pressures. Imagine how easy and relaxed your day would be if your Lab work was not one of your worries. Let us take the stress out of your Lab work situations.


David A. Novak


Chain O' Lakes | Dental Lab
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