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Here at Chain O' Lakes, we are proud to be a Full Service Dental Lab with highly experienced and trained technicians. Located in Lake Villa, Illinois, we effectively serve many dentists all throughout Illinois including Chicago and the Chicagoland Area. We strongly believe we can fulfill your esthetic demands at extremely competitive prices. We are able to cater to all your restorative requests. When you choose Chain O' Lakes Dental Laboratory you can expect the best dental laboratory services provided in the most efficient and accurate manner. Allow us to show you how consistent our quality and customer service is regardless of the complexity of the case. 

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Our full-service Chain O' Lakes Dental Lab is dedicated to utilizing the best processes and technologies to provide high quality products for dentists across Illinois.

From crowns, bridges, implants, full dentures, partial dentures, and more, we can create it all! Send over your digital scans and we will do the rest. We have made submitting a digital impression highly efficient and simple.

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"You guys seriously ROCK!"

Dr. Miles, Richmond, IL

"We love that we don't

need a lot of adjusting to

your BruxzirCrowns"

Dr. Jazdzewski, Antioch, IL

"If you want the best,

send it to Chain"

Dr. Ray, Evansville, IN


"Once again you guys

have exceeded my expectations"​

Dr. Keenan, Downers Grove, IL

"I never have to alter

your crowns,

they're amazing"

Dr. Bernard, Bartonville, IL